Social Media Week 2013

Social Media Week

It’s that time of the year, where it’s freezing cold in NYC, you can’t feel your face and you’re anticipating the return of Social Media Week. It’s not just a NY conference, it’s a global conference. In a few short weeks, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Lagos, Miami, Milan, Washington D.C., Paris, Singapore as well as NYC will be celebrating from February 18-February 22.

I’ve been attending SMW since its inception five years ago. This is a great opportunity to learn about the social media space as well as mingle and network. Social Media is a big part of our every day lives. It’s impact in a few short years is astonishing. Emerging technologies have changed how we communicate and how we engage with the world around us. SMW allows us to share information about developments in the social media world.

The social media stats are pretty staggering. Did you know? If Facebook were a country it would be the world’s 3rd largest and 2x the size of the U.S. population! Oh! And remember the East Coast Earthquake? Well, New Yorkers received tweets 30 seconds before they felt it. (I can personally testify to that!) Lastly, being that the Superbowl is around the corner, here’s on for ya–the Ford Explorer launch on Facebook generated more traffic than a Super Bowl Ad in 2012.

Like a good marketer, I’ve already registered for a few events. One event in particular that I’ll be attending is Sustainable. Stylish. Social. – The Social Media Blueprint for the Eco-Fashion Entrepreneur hosted by OBV Media and moderated by Sherrell Dorsey. It’s on Tuesday February 19th from 6-8pm at Greenspaces. In two years the sales of organic and natural products will reach $14 BILLION! Why would you not want to attend this event and learn how to

  • Develop strategic partnerships with eco-influencers for lasting brand growth
  • Creating content that sticks and motivates consumers to not only support your business, but the eco-movement as a whole
  • Serving as an informative resource in the sustainable style industry and not just a product pusher
  • Creating a following that allows you to listen in on the conversation, gather feedback and understand the needs of your community

With all of this “inside scoop” from some of the best in the Eco Beauty industry, I’ll be in the front row. I hope to see you there! Now I’m off to Facebook. ;-)

Presentation Skills & Pitch Strategy


A few months ago I taught a Skillshare class. For those of you that don’t know what Skillshare is, it’s basically a community of teachers and students. You can learn anything from anyone anywhere. It’s an amazing community marketplace. From the moment I found out about Skillshare I was hooked.

Each summer they have a “semester” concentration. This summer was advertising. With many nudges from the good folks at Skillshare, I agreed to teach a Presentation Skills & Pitch Strategy class. This was my first Skillshare class I’d ever taught and I had so much fun. My students were amazing, the atmosphere was very laid back.

The class was fully booked and I had a lot of “watchers”.  After much consideration, I’ve decided to re-open the class. Public Speaking is the #1 fear in Americans, even greater than death. That statistic always gets me, because it really isn’t so bad. I do understand why one may be afraid to speak in public, but when you give any fear a lot of energy it tends to grow into an uncontrollable monster. This was one of the reasons why I decided to re-open the class. I love learning new things and I love sharing things.

Now-a days tons of people have greats ideas and they need help expressing these ideas. I’m a big believer in project base learning, this class is very hands on. (Check out my blurb for Skillshare.)  In an hour and a half you can learn the basic skills necessary to be a better presenter, as well as how to deliver a pitch.

Click the link below to sign up. I hope to see you in class. As always, I want to hear from you.

Presentation Skills & Pitch Strategy Class

The Science of Social Timing

Anyone that uses social media on a professional level knows that there is a science when it comes to social timing.

Here’s a great infograph on the Science of Social Timing.


How Are We Using Social Media?

Here’s a infograph on the use of social media broken down by Marketing/Ad professionals vs. “Normal” people.


What Happens in an Internet Minute?

Ever wonder what happens in an internet minute? Here’s an interesting look at how it all goes down in 60 seconds on the internet.


Steve Jobs Is Dead

Steve Jobs, the visionary that has built the world’s largest tech company is dead today at 56.

 You know him not only for his black turtleneck, but for the fact that he’s changed the world with the iMac, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Pixar etc.  He revolutionized the way we live and the way we interact.

“Steve’s brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives,” Apple said in a statement. “The world is immeasurably better because of Steve.”

He once described his philosophy as trying to make products that were at “the intersection of art and technology.” It was this belief that turned Apple into the world’s most valuable company.
Thank you Steve Jobs for being a visionary, for your passion and dedication to be the best, for changing the world and making my life as well as the lives of millions of people better, thank you for being you. May you rest in peace.
October 5: Steve Jobs Day

The Netflix Disaster

Image representing Netflix as depicted in Crun...

For the past few days I’ve been aching to write about the disaster that is Netflix.

I cannot remember the last time a company has annoyed me as much as Netflix has. They have managed to do everything wrong in a very short amount of time. The Netflix disaster is a perfect example of what not to do when your business model is working. I foresee this will most definitely be used as a case study in marketing classes.

As a former customer of Netflix, paying $10 a month was not a bad deal, though I would have much rather them provide a newer movie  selection with streaming capabilities. I know of many people who share the same sentiment and working on this problem would have made perfect sense. Netflix, however, decides to do the #1 worst thing that a company can do – ignore the needs and wants of their customers. What do they do instead? Increase their plan by 60% with no increased service value to customers.

Netflix was the premier leader in the instant streaming/DVD industry. One huge mistake followed by many other stupid mistakes and that little red vending machine touch screen box that is Red Box is looking pretty enticing. I was only interested in Netflix because of the movie option, but one night with Red Box and I was left wondering why I paid $10 a month when I could never find a movie available to stream or have mailed to me. It’s safe to say, I’ve found a new movie home with Red Box. With $1 per movie per night, you can’t go wrong. They are definitely all about creating a good user experience.

Here’s a list of things that Red box is doing right: (Netflix please take note.)

  • Understanding of supply & demand
  • Fulfilling the needs & wants of their target market
  • Better than the competition
  • Price Friendly
  • Free movie offer after signing up = shows appreciation
  • Good customer service
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to return

= Great User Experience!

Here’s a look at the impact of Netflix’s 60 % price hike:

  • Loss of 1 million customers in the first week of price hike
  • Stock dropped 19% in one day & was down $39.50 in after hours trading
  • Loss of $2 billion in value and counting
  • Feedback of CEO Reed Hasting’s blog post aka fake apology had a 73% negative feedback
  • Manage to anger just about everyone

Now, let’s talk about the fake apology from the CEO of Netflix, Mr. Reed Hastings. As if angering just about everyone with an instant streaming device wasn’t bad enough, Hastings has written one of the worst apologies I’ve ever read. You want to ask your customers to come back, but you create absolutely no goodwill? It’s kinda like when you were young and your younger sibling would kick you under the dinner table and then say sorry just because your parents made him/her say it, and then two minutes later you get kicked again. Feel my sentiment? And, yes I have younger siblings, and I don’t like getting kicked. To top everything off Hastings introduces the new DVD only plan by Netflix–Qwikster?! Worst idea ever! Now we have to manage two separate websites with two separate catalogs and two completely different queues. Not only did they not improve their user experience but they made it worse. In fact, Netflix has lost all value to me.

This whole Netflix disaster is an unnecessary shift in brand and the miscalculation is proving to be devastating. Now, here’s the icing on the cake. If you’re a Tweep and you’ve visited the Qwikster Twitter account (at the time this post was written) you will NOT find the DVD rental company Qwikster, but rather a foul-mouthed Elmo whose Twitter profile consists of illegal drug usage. As if it couldn’t get any worse, the Qwikster2 Twitter account, which features Bert and Ernie (friends of the Elmo Qwikster) as the profile pic, engaging in none other than illegal drug activity.

Netflix, if you were going to create such a stupid idea as Qwikster, at least have the decency to do your research first. You should have taken care of all aspects of your launch, including making sure that a drugged up Elmo is not the owner of your new Twitter account.


What do you think? Are you just as annoyed with Netflix? Did you cancel your account? Please leave all comments in the box below. As always, thanks for reading. Be sure to share!