Social Media Week 2013

Social Media Week

It’s that time of the year, where it’s freezing cold in NYC, you can’t feel your face and you’re anticipating the return of Social Media Week. It’s not just a NY conference, it’s a global conference. In a few short weeks, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Lagos, Miami, Milan, Washington D.C., Paris, Singapore as well as NYC will be celebrating from February 18-February 22.

I’ve been attending SMW since its inception five years ago. This is a great opportunity to learn about the social media space as well as mingle and network. Social Media is a big part of our every day lives. It’s impact in a few short years is astonishing. Emerging technologies have changed how we communicate and how we engage with the world around us. SMW allows us to share information about developments in the social media world.

The social media stats are pretty staggering. Did you know? If Facebook were a country it would be the world’s 3rd largest and 2x the size of the U.S. population! Oh! And remember the East Coast Earthquake? Well, New Yorkers received tweets 30 seconds before they felt it. (I can personally testify to that!) Lastly, being that the Superbowl is around the corner, here’s on for ya–the Ford Explorer launch on Facebook generated more traffic than a Super Bowl Ad in 2012.

Like a good marketer, I’ve already registered for a few events. One event in particular that I’ll be attending is Sustainable. Stylish. Social. – The Social Media Blueprint for the Eco-Fashion Entrepreneur hosted by OBV Media and moderated by Sherrell Dorsey. It’s on Tuesday February 19th from 6-8pm at Greenspaces. In two years the sales of organic and natural products will reach $14 BILLION! Why would you not want to attend this event and learn how to

  • Develop strategic partnerships with eco-influencers for lasting brand growth
  • Creating content that sticks and motivates consumers to not only support your business, but the eco-movement as a whole
  • Serving as an informative resource in the sustainable style industry and not just a product pusher
  • Creating a following that allows you to listen in on the conversation, gather feedback and understand the needs of your community

With all of this “inside scoop” from some of the best in the Eco Beauty industry, I’ll be in the front row. I hope to see you there! Now I’m off to Facebook. ;-)

Congrats Twitter! 100 Million Active Users!

Twitter logo

Like any proud entrepreneur would be, Jack Dorsey, co-founder of  Twitter must be on cloud nine today. Twitter announced earlier that they have 100  million active users. This announcement comes only 5 years after the very first tweet by Jack himself. Twitter is now officially a phenomenon, and numbers don’t lie.

The Chief Executive of Twitter, Dick Costolo outlined the company’s projection for gaining new users and increasing revenue. Twitter has set the goal of being on 2 billion devices world-wide. Mr Costolo also provided Twitter’s amazing breakdown of participation usage.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Tweeps are now sending 230 million tweets a day, this number is up 110% from the beginning of the year
  • 50 million people log onto Twitter everyday
  • Twitter has a total of 200 million registered users
  • Twitter host 1 billion tweets every 5 days
  • Has recently set a new record of 8,900 tweets per second

Twitter is healthy and growing at impressive numbers. This growth is highly due to the usage of mobile platforms. 55 million Twitter users log onto Twitter from their phones and tablets every month. Twitter’s website traffic is estimated at 400 million visitors a month, this number has jumped from the 250 million that was originally reported at the beginning of the year.

Stay tuned, because Twitter has projected the addition of 26 million active users between now and the end of the year.

So, are you one of the 200 million registered users or will you be one of the 26 million new ones?

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Which ever you are, be sure to follow @scharipaul. ;-)

Social Media, faster than the speed of light!

In this past week I’ve survived an Earthquake and a Hurricane. So it’s true what they say—New Yorkers are resilient.

Earlier this week, while I dismissed the possibility that I was experiencing an earthquake, replacing that thought with a more logical one—I was experiencing the side effects of lack of sleep, it occurred to me, that I was indeed experiencing an earthquake! My desk moving forward to attack me solidified everything. So, I did what any sensible person would do—I grabbed my phone and ran outside. After all the commotion died down, I turned to the one place that I knew would have the latest coverage: Twitter. See, the rest of the news outlets are a few minutes behind and as a New Yorker, we make every minute count.

In a matter of seconds, after I made my first post about the earthquake, the earthquake hashtag exploded all over my screen. Hashtags everywhere, #Earthquake, #DCquake, #VAquake, #NYquake, but none better than the #Earthquakepocalyse. Now, that’s just classic!

So, what does all this mean? Well, here is it in a nutshell. Social media is an unstoppable force. It connects people in real time. It’s relevant information at your fingertips. In a matter of seconds my friends around the world in Australia, Abu Dhabi, Egypt, Cambodia,Costa Rica knew about the East Coast Quake. About 15 minutes later, I saw the “breaking news” on the news. See, one of the most interesting components of social media is that is enables everyone to be a journalist/news correspondent. I’ve even heard rumors that it travels faster than the speed of light, but since I’m not a scientist, I can’t confirm it.

Just how fast is Social Media really?

Here’s a great example. Twitter says that more than 40,000 earthquake related tweets were sent within a minute of its occurrence. That basically breaks down to 5,500 tweets per second. (Refer back to my faster than speed of light theory.) More than 10,000 people had checked into Foursquare’s Earthquakepocalyse at the time of the occurrence. Those numbers speak volume as to how strong a medium social media really is.

Fast-forward to the end of the week—Hurricane Irene! Now, don’t get me wrong, I kept an eye on the television news coverage, however most of my Irene coverage came from Social Media. Social Media kept me informed, it gave me the information that I needed, the information that I was interested in viewing. I didn’t have to wait around during a commercial break, it was right there at my disposal. It was my timeline that first informed me that Irene had been downgraded to a Category 1 Hurricane, instead of the Category 3 Hurricane that was expected. It was social media that informed me that the NYC was shutting down public transportation in preparation for Irene. It was social media that informed me that Osama Bin Laden was killed. I can go on and on.

Infographic on how Social Media are being used...

Image via Wikipedia

Here’s a quick look at what makes Social Media different than other media:

  • It exist digitally
  • It’s real time information
  • It is everything that there is to know
  • It’s an open forum
  • Social Media is quickly changing & expanding
  • You can reach thousands of people
  • It’s easily accessible
  • Social Media=User Friendly. You don’t need to know any special skills to share information
  • Permanence-you can’t alter a newspaper once it’s printed, but you can alter a blog post or a tweet. This is a great asset in the social media realm

With all this being said, the world is changing by volume of information and we must be able to process it.  Social media has removed the middle man, you can publish anything, there is no longer a barrier, and there is nothing to stop you. Participation has changed everything and thus, behavior is constantly evolving. In marketing we always want to grow with the trends and because of this, marketing is more effective than ever and it’s all because of influence!